Introduction of our Couese

There are generally 4 courses in School Attendance System, there are Full Time Courses and Unit Courses where students totally acquire technical and practical skills, aiming at the achievement of personal and professional maturity, necessary to enter the labour world in future, and Unit per week divided by various technical fields.

Full Time Course

These courses are open in a day which is designed to help students aiming at jewellery professional
Students totally acquire practical design skill, jewellery making skill and expertise necessary to enter the work of jewellery or accessary field.
Courses are diveded by Creation System Courses concentrated on the design and the jewellery making skil.

AttendanceSystemName of the Courses
from Monday
to Friday
Creation System Courses Jewellery Craft Course(2-year)
Jewellery Regular Course(2-year)
Jewellery Gem Tasting Course(2-year)
Silver Jewellery Course(1-year)
Unit Course

The Courses for persons who are now working for another industry and aiming to change to jewellery industry, where they can choose their subjects respectively.

Students choose 4-6 units per week(1 unit = 2 hours and 45 minutes) in the morning, afternoon, and evening from Monday through Saturday, and totally acquire practical technology and knowledge necessary to the work.

You can join just only the evening classes, or attend 2 days a week by your choice, so it is easy to study even if you are working.
There are 3 kinds of Creation System Courses necessary to have 4 units per week, and a General Regular Course acquired more lessons with 6 units per week.

AttendanceSystemName of the Courses
4 units per week,
from Monday
through Saturday
Creation System CoursesJewellery Making Course
(1 year or 1 and half-year or 2 year)
Jewellery Design & Making Course
(1 year or 1 and half-year or 2 year)
Jewellery Design/Making & Gem Testing Course
(1 year or 1 and half-year or 2 year)
6 units per week,
from Monday
through Saturday
Creation System CoursesJewellery Craft Course(2-year)
General Regular Course( 2-year)
Jewellery Gem Tasting Course (2-year)
Silver Jewellery Couse(1-year)
Gem-A Course

FGA (Fellow of The Gemmological Association of Great Britain) is the international qualification for gemmology recognized by The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A).
The Gemmological Association of Great Britain was established is the world’s longest established provider of gem education with a reputation and reach second to none.

Japan Jewelry Craft School supplies Gem-A courses to be FGA in Japanese from 2012, by cooperating with General Incorporated Japan Gem society (JGS), which is the Gem-A Accredited Teaching Centre in Japan.
When you pass the Foundation examination, you can go to the advanced Diploma courses for FGA in Gemmology. Upon completion of the Diploma course, you will be confident at handling, testing, and identifying a wide variety of gemstones.

Unit per week

The courses to acquire the knowledge and manual skill necessary for a do it yourself activity or developping your skill, so to speak single subject courses with monthly paid.

Courses are devided by each technology field for the persons who would like to enjoy jewellery making for their hobby, or who aim to develop their skill in the jewellery industry. It is possible to study as the 1st step to be a jewellery professional.
Students are always welcome to enter these courses, and study their curriculum at their own pace. The courses are open in the morning, afternoon and evening from Monday through Saturday, choosing the classes preferable respectively. Lesson fee is monthly paid, and it is easy to study with the system of changing the date of lessons.

AttendanceFieldName of the Courses
1 unit per week,
from Mondaythrough Saturday
Jewellery Making SkillJewellery Class,
Lost Wax Class
Jewellery Design SkillJewellery Design Class
Special TechniquesEngraving Class
Repair Class
Gem Testing Gem Testing Class